About Us


At Blue Properties, our team of employees are a family. We treat every situation in a personalized manner.

We aim to provide comprehensive assistance with corporate housing and rental housing assistance, home purchase, and domestic and international settling-in services, and area orientation tours.

Our commitment to grow and diversify to suit our client’s needs is what truly sets us apart.


  • Provide short and long term rentals for Corporate and Short Term Renters
  • Provide a comfortable, upscale, fully functional, tastefully decorated place of rest for clients.
  • Provide a Home Away From Home
  • Offer a very high standard of property at a very reasonable rate.
  • Give Peace of Mind to Human Resources Managers that their employees are being taken care of.


  • We deliver the kind of service that means our clients just need to turn up and move in, we handle the rest.
  • Our experience team provide various services such as Administrative, Communication before and after rental, and Cleaning and Turning Services.
  • We have the people and the contacts to arrange just about everything, anywhere, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’re getting means we are getting things right.